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Skicoak: The Original Town Center Sticker

Skicoak: The Original Town Center Sticker

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This sticker comes with a history lesson 📚

More than 20 years before the Jamestown Settlement was Skicoak, the capitol city of the Chesapeake tribe. 📍

A 1905 article from The Virginian Pilot explains that workers uncovered a native burial ground when making improvements to the Pine Beach Hotel. There were hundreds of well-preserved skeletons with arrowheads and other artifacts scattered around them.

After the discovery the burial ground and the Skicoak site was presumably destroyed. Present day, a naval warehouse stands in its place, Building 143, between Pier 7 and 8.

At it's widest point this sticker measures 3 inches. It's printed on generously thick, durable vinyl with a weatherproof and UV-resistant laminate coating meaning our stickers can last for years outdoors!

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